Many rising artists of Gujarat who, despite their talents, lack the right platform, cannot present their precious art to the people and such talents are dying before they grow.

For the last few years, Bhajandham, which can be called his home for such artists, has been functioning. There is a complete system available to prepare the seekers of true Satvani.

Created by Bhajan’s Enigmatic and Bhajananandi Palubhai, this Bhajandham is proving to be a blessing for the rising artists of Santvani.

This complex is located at Bhachau in Kutch district where novice singers of all castes and communities are given free training in music and hymns without any discrimination and the accommodation of these trainees is also provided free of cost.

Palubhai Gelva (Bhajananandi) of Bhajananjadi Foundation is doing such a noble work.

I could not stop wanting to write about Bhajandham when I knew his attitude towards Palubhai in a telephone conversation.

Palubhai said that nowadays man is moving away from bhajan so human-society is getting entangled in superstitions as well as curiosities. Only a late bhajan can bring permanent liberation from such social evils.

Take special note of what he said.

He said, “Brother, I am very busy with work, which is why I often fall asleep in my office.”

Before going to sleep in the office at eleven or twelve o’clock at night, I turn on Pujya Narayan Bapu’s bhajans in the home theater and go to sleep listening to them, I am immersed in Naranvani all night.

Many times I cry and complain to God that – “Oh God, you had to give birth to me twenty five or thirty years ago… otherwise you would have given Naran a long life”

These are the words and mood of our Palubhai.

After knowing these words of Palubhai, the creator of Bhajandham, I started considering Bhajandham as Narayandham.

This Bhajandham was built not only for the purpose of a social work but also for the expression of the holy love of a holy consciousness.